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Blogs about Casino Pker

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games, widespread all over the world. Among the regular readers of Casinoz, there are many poker fans and even professional players. Some of them generously share their knowledge and experience in the author's blogs, publishing posts on this page.

Readers' diaries perfectly complement the section of thematic articles about poker, being a source of invaluable information.

Who would be interested in poker blogs?

First of all, we recommend them to real poker fans. It doesn't matter if you play against the casino or compete with other users in tournaments. Here everyone will find something interesting.

Also, poker diaries will be useful for novice players who are just beginning to learn the basics of the skill. Expert articles will help to understand the intricacies of the rules, the nuances of the gameplay, and other issues.

Who are the authors of the poker blogs?

Poker blogs are written by different people, but they all share a passion for this game of chance.

  • Professionals give advice to beginners and discuss complex aspects with like-minded people.
  • Software developers talk about the latest software updates.
  • Gambling reviewers write about all sorts of topics related to poker.
  • Representatives of operators advertise poker promotions taking place in their institutions.
  • Ordinary players talk about their victories and just look for live communication with readers.

Sometimes the posts are from unexpected visitors.

What are poker blogs about?

The blogs address any issues related to poker. Let's list the main directions:

  • Club and sports poker,
  • Varieties of poker vs casino,
  • The psychology of poker,
  • Features of different versions of the game,
  • Mathematics of poker,
  • Programs for poker players and so on.

These are just a few of the dozens of topics discussed in the author's articles.

Do I need to start a blog about casino poker?

Any registered Casinoz reader can start a blog about poker. It is an open platform for everyone, where everyone has the right to write articles, start discussions, share opinions, and show other types of activities.

Whether to open a poker blog is up to you. But remember:

Posts must be unique. You can not reprint other people's materials.

Try to address issues that have not been discussed previously in numerous publications.

Do not be afraid of the author's style, but also do not forget about the elementary rules of the English language.

The audience is interested in useful materials, so there is no need to pour water and breed demagoguery. Be specific.


This section is for true poker lovers. If you belong to the army of millions of fans of this gambling game, you will not get bored here.

Start a blog about poker, comment on other readers' posts, and take part in the life of Casinoz.