Closed Online Casinos

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Closed Online Casinos

New online casinos open monthly, which is why competition in online gambling is continuously tightened. Many young operators and companies with years of experience can not withstand it, often forcing them to close the projects.

Casinoz does not remove reviews of online casinos that stopped serving the customers.

We mark them with a warning sign and transfer them to this site section.

closed casino

Why Do Casinos Get Closed?

In addition to the competition mentioned above, the casino may be closed for several other reasons:

  • Mergers,
  • Absorptions,
  • Black PR,
  • Major losses,
  • Fraudsters' actions,
  • Change in legislation,
  • Sound scandals, and so on.

If you are interested in this topic, read Why do online casinos close?

What Should I Do When My Casino Closes in 2024?

Honest owners of gambling sites intending to close the casino warn their customers. This enables the players to cash out and quietly shut the account.

Unfortunately, not everyone does that. Often companies do not think about the players and will not pay them.

If you notice that the level of service is falling, that payouts are late, that promotions became rare, think if  it speaks of a possible problem.

If the casino is closed without paying, complain to a gambling regulator, face the court, and contact the intermediary organization.

Sometimes the company closes only one site but keeps working in the industry. That means reputation is still essential for them too.

Valuable Tips for Casino Players

We will give some practical recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim of an unscrupulous operator. The history of online gambling is full of cases when casinos stop working and do not pay money to customers.

So, take note of the expert advice:

  1. Play only at trusted, licensed casinos,
  2. Follow the news from the world of gambling,
  3. Don't trust sites with fake slots,
  4. Speak with other players at Casinoz.

Generally, be careful and vigilant.

Reviews of Closed Casinos

Keep in mind that we don't always edit reviews of closed casinos. Sometimes we just put a note that the site does not work.

Accordingly, the remaining information in the articles about bonuses, free spins, jackpots, tournaments, and other services are inaccurate.


If the online casino review is published on this page, know that the website does not work. No need to try to register here, get a bonus, or deposit money into your account. Just choose a different one.

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