d'alambert roulette strategy

We will remind you that negative betting progressions, like the Martingale system, are based on an increase in the bet size after a loss. Others are based on the reduction of bet sizes after a win. As you can see, these two approaches do not contradict each other. That is why strategies that combine them have appeared. A striking example of this kind of betting system is the d'Alembert system which is famous among those who enjoy playing roulette and other casino games.

What Is the D'Alembert Strategy?

The main idea of this strategy is to change the bet depending on the outcome of the previous spin.

  • If you win, you need to reduce the bet size.
  • If you lose, it is necessary to increase it.

This system is usually used by novice gamblers while side bets on roulette. The game does not start with the lowest bets, which are doubled while losing and reduced by half while winning. Depending on the game, the pace of increasing or decreasing may vary.

It is believed that such an approach makes it possible to keep the number of losses minimum and ensures fairly regular winnings.

Yet, you should be prepared for periodic losses. If a series of losses is too long, you will reach the upper limit earlier than while following the Martingale strategy since you have started to play not from the lowest possible bet. This is a great steady system in which wins and losses alternate. In this case, you will win. If the outcomes are repeated (for example, the appearance of the same color several times), you will quickly lose your bankroll.

Moreover, like in any other betting system, the sequence is vital in the d'Alembert strategy. If your nerves are on edge after a few losses in a row and you start making the initial bet, the technique becomes inefficient. It is up to you to decide whether this strategy is suitable for you or not.

What Is the Contra D'Alembert System?

By the way, there is a system that is an antithesis of the d'Alembert strategy. It is referred to as Contra D'Alembert.

According to it, you must increase the bet by one unit after each win, and decrease it by one chip after each loss.

Thus, you must play until you reach the established amount. Then you must start making the initial bet. This system is suitable for those who do not want to increase bets significantly after a loss.

Does D'Alembert Technique Work?

To sum up, we want to emphasize once again that the appearance of each number on the roulette wheel is not related to the previous number, so the efficiency of systems based on this approach is very conditional.

Moreover, they will never protect you from losses, except in cases when you can use some misunderstanding in the rules. Nevertheless, if you regularly play games of chance, you need to be aware of the different systems to make bets systematically without counting only on your luck.


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