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About Casino
5 April in 14:18
Never Ever Do This at Singapore
Singapore attracts millions of tourists. Many people visit the country to gamble at luxurious casinos. However, not all customers know the Singapore c...
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Alessandro Alessandro
Gambling tycoons
5 April in 14:18
Bugsy Siegel, the Most Charming Gangster in the Las Vegas History
American gangster Bugsy Siegel is sometimes called the founder of gambling in Las Vegas. He was a charismatic criminal, very popular among filmmakers....
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Denis Anipchenko Denis Anipchenko
Bonus Hunting
5 April in 14:18
Bets for Bonus Wagering
Online casinos offer very enticing promotions. Indeed, among them, there are options we can safely recommend to our readers, but some bonuses are almo...
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How to Close Your Online Casino Account How to Close Your Online Casino Account
How to Close Your Online Casino Account
All high-quality online casinos offer responsible gaming programs to help their customers prevent gambling addiction. Self-exclusion is one of the main tools to struggle against ludomania. It means that players may suspend or block their accounts. Please continue reading the article to know more about self-exclusion in the internet gambling industry.
What Are Casino Junket Tours? What Are Casino Junket Tours?
What Are Casino Junket Tours?
Junket tours are organized tourist trips to major casinos to spend time gambling. This practice started in the United States, and in recent years, it's gained popularity in other countries. The Casinoz article will tell you everything you need to know about junkets in the gambling industry.
What Can We Expect from Online Gambling? What Can We Expect from Online Gambling?
What Can We Expect from Online Gambling?
How will online gambling develop? What can we expect from game developers, software providers, and website operators? Will they surprise us with advanced technologies and unexpected solutions? Casinoz has tried to predict new trends in the industry.
The Abandoned Casino Royale Ship The Abandoned Casino Royale Ship
The Abandoned Casino Royale Ship
The Casino Royale passenger vessel had an exciting story with a sad ending. For several decades, it regularly entertained gamblers, taking them outside the United States in neutral waters. But since 2015, its slot machines, roulette wheels, and blackjack tables have been covered with dust. Now it is forgotten and abandoned. Its fans can only hope hopes that it will return to the gambling business.
Why Are Megaways Slots So Popular? Why Are Megaways Slots So Popular?
Why Are Megaways Slots So Popular?
Megaways slot machines are the hallmark of Big Time Gaming. The first video slot of the series was the famous Bonanza. Now dozens of games by BTG and other companies are based on Megaways. Its peculiarity is that the number of symbols on a reel changes from spin to spin. The number of winning combinations is also not constant, so the gameplay is unpredictable and exciting.
Unsolved Crimes in the History of Gambling Unsolved Crimes in the History of Gambling
Unsolved Crimes in the History of Gambling
Stolen money, dubious winnings, kidnapped people, murdered visitors, corrupt employees, and armed robberies often occur in gambling in any country. Often the criminals remain unpunished. This article tells about the mysterious criminal incidents in the industry.
Three or Five Reels? Is More Always Better? Three or Five Reels? Is More Always Better?
Three or Five Reels? Is More Always Better?
Three-reel slot machines or five-reel video slots? A basic set of game options or an extensive list of bonuses? Classic rules or unique gameplay features? What slot machines do you prefer? The article is focused on the key differences between the two main slot categories. It will help to understand all the issues related to this topic.
New Year Video Slots New Year Video Slots
New Year Video Slots
It has become a good tradition for many major software developers to release new Christmas slot machines on the New Year's Eve. Some well-known companies every year please users with such novelties. In this article, reviewers of the Casinoz gambling encyclopedia have collected information on the best video slots dedicated to the celebration of the 2018 New Year.
What Annoys Me in Slot Machines What Annoys Me in Slot Machines
What Annoys Me in Slot Machines
What functional and design features of slot machines do you hate the most? Non-informative rules, an incomprehensible system of calculating payouts, lack of data on the RTP, lagging, high demands for PC performance, and other drawbacks of online games, which are discussed in the Casinoz article, annoy me very much.
Amazing Winnings in the History of Gambling Amazing Winnings in the History of Gambling
Amazing Winnings in the History of Gambling
The history of gambling knows a lot of huge winnings. Enormous jackpots on video slots, multimillion-dollar payouts in lotteries, and fantastic triumphs of high rollers become legends. They are widely recited in the media, passed from mouth to mouth, and gradually acquire new details. The most amazing wins are discussed in the article.
Las Vegas Strip, Seven Kilometers of Gambling Las Vegas Strip, Seven Kilometers of Gambling
Las Vegas Strip, Seven Kilometers of Gambling
The Las Vegas Strip is the most famous street in Las Vegas, with the largest complexes with casinos, hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment options. Its history dates back to the first half of the twentieth century when the gambling business was legalized in Nevada. Since then, the Las Vegas Strip has been very attractive to gambling operators because gamblers worldwide want to visit it.
Bill Brennan's Unsolved Casino Heist Bill Brennan's Unsolved Casino Heist
Bill Brennan's Unsolved Casino Heist
How do you imagine a casino robbery? Masked robbers, machine guns, safe–breakers - leave it all to Hollywood directors who shoot spectacular action movies. The most successful scammers act quietly and unnoticeably. In 1992, Bill Brennan stole half a million dollars from the famous Stardust casino in Las Vegas and seemed to disappear into thin air. Police haven't been able to find him yet. Read on about one of the most successful frauds in the history of gambling.

Articles about Gambling in India

We do hope you understand that knowing the rules of your favorite casino game is not enough to win. Relying only on your own experience would also be an overly presumptuous practice. A smart player is always aware of the achievements of professionals and will not refuse to listen to expert advice.

The articles on Casinoz provide lots of information that will be useful to all players interested in online gambling.

Our posts are aimed at visitors of online casinos, customers of land-based casinos, gambling operators, dealers, pit bosses, and casino managers, as well as just curious readers who are not indifferent to the gambling world.

Gambling articles

Articles are intended for a wide range of users: from beginners to experienced players.

Discussed Topics

So, what are we talking about on Casinoz? Let's discuss the main issues touched on in the thematic articles on our website.

Casino Games in India

The interest of a true adept of gambling spreads beyond the rules and strategies. He is always ready to learn something new from the casino world. You can find this information in the thematic subcategories of this section of Casinoz.

Here we discuss a lot of interesting topics:

  • bonus features,
  • expert advice,
  • pitfalls,
  • financial management during gameplay,
  • the choice of the most profitable varieties of popular games,
  • complex gameplay situations,
  • games history, and so on.

Articles about casino games are divided into the following categories:

  1. roulette,
  2. blackjack,
  3. video poker,
  4. and other card games.

This will help you find the information you need.

Bonuses and Promotions

This section of Casinoz deals with general issues of the bonus policy. Priority is given to online casino promotions. It does not consider the specific proposals of particular casinos. They are placed in a special category.

Articles of our experts will teach you the basics of bonus hunting, tell you about the nuances of obtaining and wagering bonuses, give practical advice on choosing the most profitable promotions and tell you which proposals to avoid.

Remember that some of the casino bonuses do not deserve your attention.

Check out our articles in order not to fall for the advertising of cunning gambling operators. 

Casino Cheaters in India

Over the long history of gambling, thousands of scammers have tried to deceive casinos. We know nothing about the luckiest of them. Why? The answer is obvious: they were not caught and remain unknown to the general public.

Some cheaters managed to cheat casinos for a long time, but justice has been served in the end. Some crooks were so vain that they published their memoirs in their golden age.

There are also former scammers who, for various reasons, took the side of gambling operators. They became experts in ensuring the casino's gaming process's safety.

The most exciting frauds in the history of gambling are described in a special section of the Casinoz online guide.

Best Casinos in the World and India

How many casinos have you played at? Are any of them the first-class house that impressed you with the elegance of design and the highest level of service?

Such casinos are discussed in our thematic articles. You will learn about the oldest casinos in Europe, the best hotels-casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the luxurious resorts of Asian countries, and others.

Scammers and Fraudsters

Fraudsters are not only focused on casino money. They also do not mind getting into the gambler's pocket. It's not just about the pickpockets and the card sharks. Modern crooks have learned to fool users on the web, inventing all sorts of scams.

We stand against fraud in the casino industry and related areas, so we try to expose all kinds of fraud, which we become aware of.

If you do not want to become a victim of such adventurers, read our articles about gambling scams. You will learn about shady casino operators, software providers, sellers of fake betting systems, and developers of useless programs.

Information for Gambling Operators

Information for gambling operators is provided in a separate section of Casinoz. Аrticles are aimed at casino managers and gambling operators.

They discuss the thematic media, software brands, the business of specialized organizations, and much more that will be interesting to industry representatives.

Section for Casino Employees

Croupiers, pit bosses, and casino managers are not ignored by our authors either. The Casinoz staff includes former land-based and online casino employees, happy to share their experiences and tell about funny cases that happened to them during their years at the casino.

Psychology of Gambling

Professional players pay close attention to the psychology of gambling. They learn to stay cool, whether big wins or long "black bars." They train themselves to be disciplined without going beyond the fixed time or financial limits. They can recognize the first signs of addiction and prevent them from the beginning.

All these issues, vital for successful playing at a casino, are carefully discussed in the thematic articles of our guide.

  • Do not neglect this information.
  • Do not presume that you will never have to face a gambling addiction.
  • Do not repeat the mistakes of others.

It is very important.

Progressive Jackpots in India

What could be more tempting than a huge progressive jackpot! All casino customers dream to get a huge progressive amount.

We will tell you the real chances of winning and introduce you to the best jackpot games. Our experts will also give practical advice on increasing the probability of winning.

Also, you will learn about the fate of those who managed to get rich this way. Spoiler alert: not all money brings happiness.

Features of Live Casinos

Online casinos with real dealers are a relatively new entertainment format, which has advantages and disadvantages. Games with real dealers allow you to create a vibe close to the one that reigns at brick-and-mortar casinos. This format offers various varieties of blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and other games.

The articles in this section describe the pros and cons of a live casino. You will find out much helpful information.

Live casino software providers

Which software producers provide gambling platforms with live dealers?

Live dealer games online

Which games are the most profitable?

The free mode at live casinosCan you play live dealer games for free?
Tips for beginnersCan you count cards at live blackjack? 

Gambling Tycoons and Legendary Players

The fate of the most famous bigwigs in the gambling business is always informative. Their lives are full of exciting events, incredible achievements, and often severe mistakes.

Not all gambling tycoons are worthy to be considered role models to follow, but their biographies are always interesting. They are described in the thematic section of Casinoz.

Casino Slots

Slot machines are still the most popular and demanded casino games. Based on the current trends in the development of gambling, the situation will not change soon. Software developers release new video slots daily, making them more entertaining and exciting.

Casinoz follows the trends, so the section of articles about video slots is regularly updated with new publications. Our experts talk about different types of symbols, discuss the features of free spins, introduce the best thematic games to the readers, and discuss many other issues.

Gambling Software

Gambling software is not limited to online casino platforms. Developers produce programs that have a variety of applications in the gambling industry. Many of them are oriented toward casino customers.

We are talking about training programs, software to control the finances and statistics, utilities for gameplay simulation, and so on. Some of them are useful, and some only help developers enrich themselves.

Casinoz experts test the programs, analyze their capabilities, and give them an unbiased assessment.

Tips for Beginners at Casinos

So, you got interested in gambling and decided to succeed in this field. Don't know where to start? We recommend the following plan.

  • Decide what attracts you to the casino. Do you want to make a living playing a game or want to have fun?
  • Learn the rules of the main games and choose which you want to focus on.
  • Check out the tips on the best strategy for your chosen games.
  • Practice your strategy by playing for free in demo mode.
  • Learn how to manage finances and time properly.
  • Make sure you are aware of how dangerous gambling can be.
  • Only then proceed to the game for money, but do not rush to raise the odds.

Never stop self-development. Read articles at Casinoz and continuously improve yourself.


The authors of the guide do not get tired of looking for new topics that will be interesting and useful to a wide range of readers: from beginners to experienced managers and gambling operators.

A selection of articles about casinos is a massive storehouse of invaluable knowledge that our reviewers and experts are willing to share with you. Do not miss the opportunity to rise to a new level of professionalism to successfully play your favorite gambling games.

Frequently asked Questions

🎲 Why should I read articles about gambling in India?

If you are going to play at casinos, you should read articles by gambling experts in order to win more ofter. They will make you a better player.

♣ What topics are discussed in articles on Casinoz?

Articles on Casinoz deal with numerous topics related to gambling in general, such as casinos, games, psychology, money management, famous players, etc.

🃏 Who writes articles about gambling for Indians?

On Casinoz, articles about gambling are written by independent experts in this industry. They are former casino workers, active players, and so on.