Video Poker Best Winning Strategies in 2024

Bonus Poker Strategy
Bonus Poker Strategy
To achieve the maximum results in video poker, you must follow the recommendations of the basic strategy developed for each game individually. In this article, we will explain the strategy for Bonus Poker 8/5. Our tips will help you reach the new level, reducing the house edge to zero.
Jacks or Better Poker Basic Strategy
Jacks or Better Poker Basic Strategy
A variation of video poker called Jacks or Better is supposed to be the first in this row of games. Its appearance dates back to the early seventies of the last century. However, despite its age, Jacks or Better is still...
RTPs in Video Pokers by Famous Providers
RTPs in Video Pokers by Famous Providers
To achieve the best results while playing video poker, users need to choose the best version of this game. Our article deals precisely with this task. Customers will find information about the RTPs in video pokers developed by major online casino software manufacturers. It includes official data or reports of reputable experts in the field of gaming and gambling.
Deuces Wild Poker Strategy for Lazybones
Deuces Wild Poker Strategy for Lazybones
It seems to be a difficult task for a lot of novice gamblers to memorize and use the complete strategy for Deuces Wild video poker. If you want to start playing faster without throwing money away recklessly, you need to master it. Casinoz has prepared a simplified version for you.
All American Video Poker Strategy
All American Video Poker Strategy
All American video poker allows users to reduce the house edge to the minimum. If you follow the optimal strategy, you can almost eliminate it. All you have to do is to master the recommendations provided below and refuse to play intuitively. You will be able to act more successfully in this way.

Video Poker Strategy for India

Surely you have heard that video poker is one of the most profitable casino games. Indeed, the return to player (RTP) often exceeds 99%. It can be over 100%, although finding such games in modern casinos might be challenging.

Does this mean that any user will automatically play video poker on an equal footing with the casino? Not at all. To achieve maximum return, you must choose a strategy for the selected game and strictly follow it in all situations.

Types of video poker in casino

Articles in this section of Casinoz will tell you how to play casino video poker.

Basic Rules of Video Poker in 

In any video poker, a player is guaranteed a payout if he has a set of cards respected by the rules. Respectively,

The goal of playing video poker is to get a poker combination from the payout table.

It is always allowed to change up to five cards once for free. This move is optional. The client can keep the starting hand if he's outstanding with it.

Royal flush (from tens to aces of the same suit) is traditionally considered a maximum combination. Exceptions are found only in rare versions.

The minimum combination depends on the type.

  • In Tens or Better, a pair of tens is paid.
  • In Jacks or Better, payouts are made for combinations starting with a pair of jacks.
  • Deuces Wild requires at least three cards of the same denomination.

Thus, this aspect should be specified in each particular game.

Traditionally, the bet per round can vary from 1 to 5 coins. The client chooses the quantity and cost. Five chips can activate inflated payouts on the highest combinations, so it is recommended to always make the maximum bet in chips.

The gamble feature begins at the client's request. The house has no advantage here, so the chances of winning are 50:50. You need to pick a random card and compare it to the dealers. If you win, the payouts are doubled. You can also lose your bet or bring the round to a draw.

Read the rules and video poker reviews to learn about possible bonuses, jackpots, playing video poker on multiple hands, and other additional features.

Varieties of Video Poker

You will find numerous types of video poker at online and land-based casinos. Usually, the general principles of the gameplay are pretty much the same, while multipliers may vary. Also, some games use jokers.

Jacks or Better Poker

A pair of jacks is the minimum hand.

10's or Better Poker

The lowest combination is a pair of tens.

Deuces Wild Poker

All deuces are wild cards.

Bonus Poker

Special payouts for sure hands come into action.

Aces and Faces Poker

Four jacks, queens, kings, or aces give higher winnings.

Joker Poker

The joker substitutes for other cards.

All American Poker

Higher payouts are available for some combinations.

In the video poker rules section, we discuss the features of all versions in detail.

Video Poker Math

Studying the specifications and rules of the game, you should, first of all, pay attention to RTP. This is the most important indicator of any video poker.

In classic Jacks or Better, it is 99.54%, but some games offer an even higher return to the player. For example, All Aces Poker, produced by Microgaming, reaches 99.92%. And in Zero Jacks or Better from Playtech, the RTP is 100%.

Once again, you can get such a high return only with the help of the strategy designed especially for this particular game. Besides, the practical results of a single session can significantly differ from the theoretical parameters.

Is It Possible to Win at Video Poker in 2024?

Fortune is a very whimsical lady. Even if you play video poker correctly and choose a game with an RTP over 100%, there is no guarantee that you'll go home in the black. RTP can only be effective for an extended period.

If you find a video poker game with a negative house edge and choose the optimal strategy, sooner or later, your balance will be positive sooner or later. Also, good casinos award players with comp points for bets and offer bonuses and other privileges, which increases the chance of success.

So you can win in video poker. Either way, it is more profitable than roulette, slots, or table poker.

Video Poker Strategies

A different strategy is available for each game. It gives clear instructions on how to deal with a given situation. We explain this in the thematic articles on Casinoz, but you don't need to get into details. Merely follow the recommendations.

Video poker systems are not interchangeable. Do not play Deuces Wild relying on the Bonus Poker strategy. This won't help you to achieve the maximum return to the player.

Jacks or Better Strategy

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video pokers. Many experts recommend this game to beginners because of its simple strategy. This allows an understanding of the nuances of the gameplay.

Jacks or Better is found in two main variations:

  1. 8/5 – full house and flush give 8 and 5 coins accordingly,
  2. 9/6 – the same combinations bring 9 and 6 chips.

Sure, the second option is much more profitable for the player. Always look for Jacks or Better 9/6.

Bonus Poker Strategy

This game features unique payout ratios for some combinations. The most common game is Bonus Poker 8/5.

  • Full house and flush give 8 and 5 coins.
  • Different types of four of a Kind pay by special multipliers.
  • Also, the Royal flush brings an inflated payout.

These features require a particular bonus poker strategy. It is discussed step by step in an exclusive article at Casinoz.

Deuces Wild Strategy

The highlight of this variety is that all deuces are jokers. They can complement the combination, substituting for the missing cards.

The minimum payout is charged for three of a kind. Also, four deuces, five of a kind, and a straight flush with jokers pay by special multipliers.

Before playing Deuces Wild Poker for money, carefully study the above strategy.

Joker Poker Strategy

In Joker Poker, the lowest combination is a pair of kings. It features a Joker that brings additional combinations:

  • Poker (five of a kind);
  • A royal flush with Joker.

Special multipliers are applied.

All American Strategy

This model differs from Jacks or Better by the odds, which requires modifications to the overall strategy. Besides, the winning for a Royal flush with five coins at stake is inflated. This should also be taken into account.

strategies for video pokers

Tips on Video Poker for Beginners

Finally, a few basic recommendations:

  • Look for video poker with maximum return.
  • Start playing on the standard varieties for which simple strategies have long been developed.
  • Remember that even games with the same name can significantly differ in the rules.
  • Don't chase bonuses and prize features. Usually, such games are not the most profitable.
  • Always stake five coins in video poker with a progressive jackpot.
  • Do not forget to track new models. Many of them offer tempting terms.

We also advise you to pay attention to video poker tournaments. Sometimes they are free. Competition in tournaments with an entry fee is not always challenging, and the prize fund can be significant.


Read articles on video poker at Casinoz. They will teach you to play professionally and succeed more often.

Frequently asked Questions

💵 Is video poker good for professional gambling in India in 2024?

Video poker is one of the favorite games of professional gamblers. The most profitable games have RTPs of over 99.5%. In some of them, casinos have no house edge at all. 

🍀 Are there optimal strategies for video pokers at Indian casinos?

For every classic video poker, particular strategies are developed by mathematicians and professional players. They are necessary to make the most of playing games for real money. 

💰 Is it difficult to play video poker professionally in India?

There are special strategies for every traditional video poker. You do not even have to learn them by heart, because you may use a crib. Casinoz will help you find the best games and optimal strategies for them.