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What Is Thomas Donald's Strategy?

This betting system is quite widespread among gamblers. It is based on the principle of increasing a bet by one unit after a lost spin and decreasing it after a win. The author of the system puts forward the following requirements.

  1. Firstly, your bankroll should be at least three thousand initial bets. Thus, if you bet one dollar, you should have three thousand dollars. This system is first and foremost designed to make side bets, but at brick-and-mortar casinos, such low bets are not usually available. It is up to you to select the size of your bankroll.
  2. Secondly, Thomas Donald believed that the total number of wins and losses was equal in the long run, so this system could give a profit to customers who play by it for a long time.

Do not expect instant results from it. Moreover, you should have enough free time whenever you visit a casino. You can hardly argue that red and black will come up approximately equal times during one year, but deviations are more than possible during a week or month.

If zero comes up, you should increase your bet by one unit, since outside bets always lose when zero appears.

Thomas Donald also insisted that it was prohibited to wager other people's money or borrow it. However, this point is irrelevant to the system and is not related to mathematical calculations. It emphasizes the psychological and moral aspects important for successful gameplay.

Donald-Nathanson Betting System

The Thomas Donald betting system was studied by the famous mathematician Lev Nathanson. As a result of his calculations and observations, he offered its modifications.

In particular, he was not satisfied with the paragraphs of the system that determined the gameplay while winning the first bet. In other words, if you bet one dollar and win, it is necessary to leave your bet unchanged in accordance with the Donald system.

Nathanson concluded that it was necessary to miss one spin. If the same color comes up again (for example, red), you need to treat it as -1. Then you should bet on black. If red appears again, the score is -2, and you should bet two dollars on black. As for zero, Nathanson offered to increase a positive bet as soon as it comes up and decrease a negative bet.

As for the other rules for the Thomas Donald system, Lev Nathanson agrees with them.


Numerous estimates of its effectiveness showed positive but relatively insignificant results. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether it is worth spending so much time to win several initial bets. The difference between a minimum and maximum is usually insignificant at the high-limit tables, which makes it impossible to use this system.

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