The pay table of a slot machine

We hope you have noticed the information column to the right of the reviews of slot machines on Casinoz. There you can see various data including the theoretical return to the player (RTP).

What Is a Slot RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation for return to the player.

RTP shows what portion of the total bets placed by gamblers on video slots is returned to them in the form of payouts in the long run.

What should you know about it?

  • Mostly, this indicator is fixed, like 97.6%.
  • Rarer, the developer specifies it in a range, such as 95.6% - 96.5%.
  • In some cases, the payback depends on additional conditions. These may include progressive jackpot rules, bonus buy options, several game levels, etc.

Casinoz gets this data exclusively from official sources, such as software providers’ websites, game payout tables, Help sections, etc.

As you understand, casinos are opened so that owners can profit, therefore an RTP above 100% is scarce and only occurs in games requiring a certain level of skill, such as blackjack or video poker.

For modern slot machines without progressive jackpots, an RTP of around 96% can be considered average, although many companies offer games with a 97%-98% return.

Certainly, every prudent gambler should pay attention to these figures. But it's important to remember that they are theoretical, and in practice, the results in a specific session will likely differ significantly from the stated level.

That's great because it means there's a chance to win. But can you track how much casinos actually pay out over a certain period? We will tell you where to get this information. There are several sources.

Here are some online video slots with high RTPs.

Name Return to player Min bet Max bet Max payout Variance
96.96% 0.25 250 x750000 Low
96.26% 0.1 50 x200000 High
95.08% 0.2 80 x120000 Middle
96.8% 0.09 90 x100000 High
95.5% 0.1 10 x90000 High
95.73% 0.5 60 x90000 High
94% 0.1 20 x60000 High
96.07% 0.1 20 x60000 High
96.9% 0.1 10 x53208
95.33% 0.25 250 x50000 High

Reports from Auditing Organizations

In modern gambling, several international independent organizations conduct checks on various gambling websites. One of them is eCOGRA, with which many reputable online casinos collaborate. Its specialists test the random number generators and determine the actual payback rates. Usually, the results of their tests are made publicly available. You can access them by clicking on the eCOGRA logo.

eCOGRA logo

The main drawback of such reports is that they only provide information on the payout rates by game categories: slots, poker, table games, etc. Data on the overall rate for all casino games is also always available.

A certificate from this organization is a big plus for any gambling website, as it confirms its fairness and reliability. However, the information provided is insufficient to base preferences on specific games.

Data from Slots’ Paytables and Help Sections

Some software providers have recently begun including information about the theoretical RTPs and the actual payout rates in the game reference sections.

slots payouts

For example, we can mention video slots by World Match, which releases spectacular slots with high-resolution imagery. If you open the Help page, you will see the following lines at the bottom: RTP (theoretical return to player) and the Previous month payout.

  1. The first item is the RTP.
  2. The second is the ratio between the total amount wagered and the monthly payout.

Statistics enthusiasts will find these indicators very interesting to follow.

It should be added that some popular online casinos categorize games with the highest theoretical return rates separately. For example, it can be a section named Best Payout Games, Highest RTP Slots, etc.

Gambling Websites

Various thematic websites can be mentioned as additional sources of this information. Their reviewers personally test games on simulators and publish the results of their checks.

One such site is the popular, whose owner is considered a recognized expert in online gambling.

wizard of odds

What Else Should You Consider about Casino Games' Payouts?

To sum up, we want to warn our readers against drawing wrong conclusions about the fairness of casinos and software manufacturers. If the data about the theoretical RTPs and the real level of payouts for the month differ, it does not mean they cheat. This difference can occur for various reasons.

For example, if the game in some clubs is unpopular, customers will rarely play it. Therefore, the discrepancy in one direction or the other can be huge. So, it is not necessary to count only on this information while selecting games.

We will be happy to know your opinion about this article. If you know additional methods of obtaining information about the current payout percentage of slot machines, share them in the comments.

Frequently asked Questions

❓ What is slot RTP?

RTP stands for Return to the Player. It indicates the percentage of total bets placed on a slot machine returned to players as winnings over time.

📄 How is the slot machine RTP represented?

RTP is usually expressed as a fixed percentage (e.g., 97.6%), sometimes as a range (e.g., 95.6% - 96.5%), is it is dependent on additional conditions like progressive jackpots or bonus features.

📚 Where does Casinoz obtain slot RTP data?

Casinoz sources RTP data from official channels like software providers’ websites, game payout tables, and Help sections, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

🎰 Can video slot RTP ever exceed 100%?

An RTP above 100% in casino games is rare and typically occurs in skill-based games like blackjack or video poker. For standard slot machines, an RTP of around 96% is average, with some games offering higher returns.

🔎 How accurate are RTP figures in slots?

RTP rates are theoretical and may not reflect actual results in a single session. However, they provide valuable insight into a game's payout potential over the long term.

📑 How can players track actual casino game payouts?

Actual payout rates can be accessed through reports from auditing organizations like eCOGRA; data from slot paytables and Help sections provided by some software providers; reviews from reputable gambling websites, etc.

🧾 What do auditing organization reports reveal?

Auditing organizations like eCOGRA test random number generators and publish payout rates by game categories. While these reports confirm fairness and reliability, they may lack specific game-level data.

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