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Mobile Roulette Review

Visitors will not consider any casino as a serious and worthy establishment unless it has roulette in its range. All online casinos definitely offer customers various kinds of roulette. It is a queen of gambling, which has unique charm and makes these types of establishments real casinos. Roulette was also one of the first games appeared at online casinos for mobile phones. A colorful version of this game with a user-friendly interface is offered by Playtech. It can be tested at Mobile version of William Hill Casino and other mobile casinos on this platform.

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How to Play Mobile Roulette

Mobile Roulette released by Playtech is a classic European roulette with the standard rules. It has one zero and numbers from one to thirty-six. The playing field is traditional and familiar to all users.
It is possible to make various bets playing this roulette, which are paid according to the established multipliers.
Inside bets:
  • Straight-Up (one a single number) - 35:1
  • Split (one two numbers) - 17:1
  • Street (on three numbers) - 11:1
  • Square (on four numbers) - 8:1
  • Line (on six numbers) - 5:1

Outside bets:

  • Column (on 12 numbers) - 2:1
  • Dozen (on 12 numbers) - 2:1
  • Even/odd - 1:1
  • Red/black - 1:1
  • 1-18/19-36 (manque/passe) - 1:1
All outside bets lose in European roulette when the ball falls into the zero pocket.
At the beginning of the game, users choose the chip value and wager on the roulette layout. Then the croupier spins the ball. When this ball falls into any pocket, the winning number is announced. Payouts are made for winning bets. Then the players can repeat their bets or wager on other sectors.

Mobile Roulette Bonus games

Bonuses are not provided in Mobile Roulette from Playtech.


Mobile Roulette form Playtech does not provide progressive jackpots.

Mobile Roulette Interface

The interface of Mobile Roulette from Playtech is extremely simple and is devoid of any details that may interfere with the gameplay. Here you can see an image of the roulette layout, recent winning numbers and chip values, which are chosen by users to make bets of different sizes.
As soon as the dealer spins the ball, the three-dimensional image of the roulette wheel appears and a zoomed fragment of the wheel is shown in a separate window to allow players to see the pocket in which the ball stops.
The gameplay is controlled with the help of the following buttons: Spin, Clear (remove a bet), Clear All (remove all bets from the layout), Rebet Spin (new spin with the same bets) and Rebet (repeat a bet).
In the settings of Mobile Roulette you can customize a quick game mode (Fast Play) and turn off the audio effects (Sounds). To do this, it is necessary to select Menu-Options and tick off or remove the check mark near the corresponding inscriptions. You can also switch between playing for real money and for fun, read the rules of the game and features of buttons, view history, invite a friend or select another casino game in the section Menu.


Mobile Roulette, which is available for customers of online casinos running on the platform from Playtech, is almost perfect for playing on phones and smartphones. It is easily installed, consumes not much traffic and is very convenient. The graphics can not be called extraordinary, but such games do not need it. The main thing is to make it convenient for playing on small screens of phones. In short, if you can not live without roulette, this game will be your faithful companion.

Play Mobile Roulette in Indian Casino for Real Money

If you are interested in this roulette for mobile phones, but you do not know which casino it is better to choose, Casinoz recommends that you should try William Hill Mobile Casino. Online casinos of this brand are occupying the leading positions in Top 10 Best Casinos according to the readers of our portal. Here you can play Mobile Roulette for real money or try it for fun.
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