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This article from Casinoz talks about a relatively popular system of playing video slots Zig Zag. It has spread among visitors to offline gambling casinos in the USA and other countries. It is unlikely that you will be able to use it in an online casino for the reasons described below.

What Is Zig Zag Strategy for Slots?

This is a rather simple technique that anyone can master.

Its essence is reduced to the search in the hall of "suitable" devices. According to the authors of the strategy, the probability of winning on such machines is much higher.

The origin of the name Zig Zag remains a mystery. Perhaps it means the player needs to move in zigzags around the slot hall in search of a suitable device. It can also be assumed that we are talking about zigzag–like character patterns on the screen.

It should be added that initially, the system was intended for classic three-reel slot machines, but later it was adapted for models with five reels.

Let's understand how to play slot machines on the Zig Zag system.

The purpose of the client of the slot hall, playing by this method, is to find the so-called "hot" machines.

These are the models on the screens that froze as many identical pictures. Moreover, they must be arranged according to certain schemes, which allegedly indicate the readiness of the machine to make a large payment.

These are the following templates:

  • V-shaped is the most common option. Identical pictures should be lined up in the form of a Latin letter V.
  • Diagonal – symbols of the same type should be placed diagonally, connecting opposite corners of the screen.
  • The tambourine is the most desirable specimen. Pictures should be in the form of a diamond suit.

Many adherents of the "Zigzag" strategy have their "secret" templates, which they prefer not to share with other users.

ZigZag Strategy Step-by-Step

The gameplay on this system does not imply any sequential actions. You have to wander around the room, looking at the screens of empty slots.

If you come across a slot with symbols lined up by the desired scheme, you make a bet, determining its size according to your bankroll.

Whether to try combining Zig Zag with other strategies, decide for yourself.

Using the "Zigzag" system in online casinos is quite difficult. You will have to constantly run different machines, which is quite tedious.

ZigZag System Pros and Cons

In пeneral, this strategy has only one plus. This is an exceptional simplicity of the technique. All you have to do is remember the patterns of the symbols on the screen and then look for them on the displays of the slot machines.

The main drawback of the Zig Zag system is also one. It doesn't work. There is not the slightest reason to believe that any schemes of pictures indicate the probability of winning or losing. This is nothing more than the speculation of the creators of the strategy, not supported by any calculations or practical tests.

However, the game's final result on this system will not affect it. So you can safely try if you want. Suddenly fortune in the form of a random number generator will favor you.

But we beg you: do not buy strategies for slots

By the way, some time ago, this system was actively sold on various sites about casinos. It was even tested by well-known gambling experts, whose verdict, as you know, was merciless.


Once again, we remind our readers that no betting system will help you change the theoretical superiority when playing video slots in your favor. You will not be able to influence the work of the NHS, and it is doubtful that you will be able to unravel the principles of its operation.

To achieve maximum results, you need to choose slot machines with the top level of return and the dispersion that suits you. And be reasonable when determining the size of the bet.

More expert tips can be found in the section with articles dedicated to gaming machines. Share your opinions and stories about your personal experience in the comments.

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