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Switch Baccarat Review

Switch Studio and Microgaming have presented an online baccarat, which takes this game to a new level. It features classic rules of mini-baccarat complemented by unusual features. You can "pull" cards, place bonus bets and adjust various parameters.

Please read about the rules and technical features of Baccarat 2019 below at Casinoz.club.

9.15 /10
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5.00 USD
Min bet
500 USD
Max bet
Max payout
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How to Play Switch Baccarat

It is baccarat against casino, played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards without jokers. Land-based casinos deal the cards from the shoe and store played cards in the discard rack. Here, all decks are fully used in each deal.

Goal of the game is to guess who wins: the banker or the player.

It means the player has to stake on one party. He can also bet on the tie game and place side bets.

You can stake from as little as 5 to as much as 500 dollars on one hand.

It is important to understand that the customer is not obliged to stake on the player and doesn't have to associate himself with it.

The dealer deals the cards in accordance with the basic baccarat rules. If you have no idea how to score and win, welcome to read our article by the link.

If the user has guessed the winner, he's getting paid:

  1. Banker bet – 1:1 (5% fee);
  2. Player bet – 1:1;
  3. Tie bet – 8:1.

The banker bet fee is applied only if the customer wins. Please read about side bets below at Casinoz.club.

The developers decided to avoid excessive visual effects and stick to classic design instead. 

Switch Baccarat Bonus games

Switch&Microgaming Baccarat accepts side bets of 2 types:

  1. Player Pair wins when the player has a pair in the first two cards.
  2. Banker Pair pays upon a pair on the banker's hand.

The payoff is 11:1 in both options. This bet plays independently of the basic. You can't stake simultaneously on Payer Pair and Banker Pair.

Switch Baccarat slot free spins

This game features no free rounds of any kind.


Microgaming doesn't offer to win a progressive jackpot on Baccarat 2019.

Baccarat Interface

The deep-red table takes the central part of the screen. You can't change the color of the cloth.

You will not see the dealer on the screen but only hear his voice. The animation is quite realistic.

Click at the chip of desired value to set the bet and then at the proper fields.

  • Player pair – side bet on the player's pair;
  • Banker Pair – side bet on the banker's pair;
  • Player – bet on the player;
  • Banker – bet on the banker;
  • Tie – bet on the tie game.

All controls have been placed at the bottom of the screen. They switch depending on the situation.

  • Clear – remove chips from the table;
  • Deal – deal the cards;
  • Flip – flip both cards;
  • Card and arrows – flit one card.

There is a vertical statistics screen at the left. Click at three lines to open the menu:

  1. Home – quit the game;
  2. Game Rules – general rules;
  3. Help – info section;
  4. Settings – sound, speed and other parameters.

It is an instant-play which makes you free of downloading.

Mobile Compatibility

Baccarat mobile is a touch-adapted version compatible with any Android and iOS devices. General rules remain the same. The interface is slightly different but needs no explanations. Everything is user-friendly.

The mobile version loads quickly, even in conditions of low speed due to minimum system requirements.


Online baccarat running on random number generator is not as popular as the same game with live dealers or a land-based version. However, this one makes us believe in the good future of online baccarat.


  • Functional interface;
  • Realistic graphics;
  • Traditional rules.


  • Color of the cloth.

As a reminder, baccarat has different RTP for different bets. The most beneficial is to stake on the banker. Bet on the player will bring a little higher advantage to the casino.

Never stake on the tie – it is the most disadvantageous option.

Side bets are worth learning in each specific case, as RTP may vary.

Counting cards in Baccarat on RNG makes no sense.

Learn how to play baccarat and win in the expert article at Casinoz.club.

Play Switch Baccarat in Indian Casino for Real Money

We have a free demo version of Baccarat 2019 at Casinoz.club. All visitors can play without registration.

If you prefer real bets, you are welcome in numerous license casinos powered by Microgaming. Make sure you read our reviews and customers' feedback before you choose a site.

Please write fair reviews and score the game.

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Main info
Type of game Baccarat
Manufacturer Microgaming
Min bet 5.00 USD
Max bet 500 USD
RTP 98.94%
Max payout 11 : 1
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date December 12, 2019
Auto play No
Side bets Yes
Casino advantage 1.06
Players number 1