Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Review

Texas hold’em poker is not a poker-room game already for a long time. Now it has found its place in many online casinos. The opponents of the player are not the other players, but a casino in face of the dealer in such models. We have already published the reviews of such games at the pages of Casinoz. In the following article we would also describe poker of this kind, named Texas Hold’Em Bonus. 

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Where to Play Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus?

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You can play Texas Hold’Em Bonus online poker for the real money as well as in a fun mode in MyBet online casino. Moreover, this game is available in some other casinos, powered by the software developed by this producer. It is possible to test this online poker without registration by the virtual bets right at Casinoz as well.

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Online Casinos with Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus for Indians

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How to Play Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus (NextGen Gaming)

Texas Hold’Em Bonus is a free hold’em casino poker with bonuses developed by Nextgen Gaming. The standard deck of fifty two cards without jokers is used in this kind of poker. It is mixed before every deal.

The aim of the game is to collect the higher combination that the dealer has, using two of your cards and five public cards for it.

Three tables with the following range of bets: 1 – 100, 5 – 250 and 15 – 500 credits are available in Texas Hold’Em Bonus online game.

Unfortunately, the producer doesn’t provide any information about the theoretical payback index of Texas Hold’Em Bonus game.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The gameplay


First of all you would have to stake the bet at Ante field. Then you receive two “pocket” cards. If you think that you should continue the game, you make the bet of double amount at Flop field. The dealer deals three public cards. In case you want to continue – you stake ante at Turn. Then the fourth public card comes out. Then you make the same with River bet.

At any of stages, mentioned above, you can muck the cards and lose all the bets. It is also possible to make check at turn and river. In this case the fourth and fifth cards come out without any additional bets.

If you didn’t fold until the last stage and continued the game when all five public cards have come out, nothing depends on you then. The dealer opens his cards and compares his and yours combinations. Any five of seven cards, participating in the game, are used in the combinations.

In case you have lost, you lose all the staked bets. However, if you win, Flop, Turn and River bets are paid 1:1. Ante is paid in case you have made a combination from street and higher.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Bonus games

It is possible to make the additional bonus bet at the special field in Texas Hold’Em Bonus online poker. Its amount depends in the table limits. For example, in case the maximum of the main bet is one hundred, it is possible to stake up to twenty five credits per bonus.

The following combinations of two pocket cards are paid by this bet:

-       A pair of deuces – tens – 3:1.

-       Ace and jack or ace and queen of different suits – 5:1.

-       A pair of kings, queens or jacks – 10:1.

-       Ace and king of different suits – 15:1.

-       Ace and jack or ace and queen of the same suit – 20:1.

-       Ace and king of the same suit – 25:1.

-       Two aces in player’s hand – 30:1.

-       Two aces in player’s and dealer’s hands – 1000:1.

The bonus bet is played separately from the main one. The payment indexes are also indicated at the table marking.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Texas Hold’Em Bonus online poker.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Interface

The interface of Texas Hold’Em Bonus is available only in English language. It is quite convenient and user-friendly. However, if you need help, the following tips would help you to study it out:

-      New Game – start a new deal.

-      Same bet – make the same bet.

-      Bonus – a field for the bonus stake.

-      Ante – a field for ante bet.

-      Flop – a field for flop bet.

-      Turn – a field for turn bet.

-      River – a field for River bet.

-      Bet – stake a bet.

-      Check – continue playing without bet.

-      Fold – muck the cards.

-      Balance – a quantity of credits at the account.

-      Wagered – an amount of the total bet at the current stage.

There is Table Limits & Payouts table in the right top corner of the screen of Texas Hold’Em Bonus video poker.

Should You Play Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus for Real Money in India?

Texas Hold’Em Bonus is a high quality version of Texas hold’em poker against the online casino. It seems to us that it successfully imitates the rules of hold’em, used in the poker-rooms, where the game goes on between the players, while the casino plays the part of agent. However, the player fights with casino here. The interface is very convenient, there are various settings, a pleasant graphics, a user-friendly control panel – what else do you need for the comfortable poker game?

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