16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition slot Review

In mid 2022, Wazdan launched a series of slots called Coins. It was nominated for 2 CasinoBeats Developer Awards and received a lot of positive feedback. Since then, the British studio has released a dozen and a half slots in this series. Among them is 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition, released at the end of March 2024. This is an unusual slot: it does not have the usual paylines, all wins come in a separate jackpot round. The mechanics is also non-standard: on the 4x4 field at each spin can remain empty cells.

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Where to Play 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition slot?

All honest casinos usually have Wazdan slots in their portfolio. But new products, including 16 Coins Grand Gold Edition, do not all appear quickly. In the Casinoz rating you can quickly find a verified casino that has already added this slot.

Play 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition demo in India

Since the mechanics of the slot is unusual, first it is better to practice for free to understand the rules and the formation of payouts. There is a demo version for this purpose.

In the demo game, all the features of the slot are available without registration and for free: you can bet on FUN-points. They are given 100 000, so there is enough for a test drive with a large reserve.

Play for free 100% free
Play for real T&C applies, 18+

Online Casinos with 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition slot for Indians

The description for 16 Coins on Casinoz's list already lists reliable casinos that have this slot. All you have to do is to choose your favorite one, go there and start playing for money or for free.

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How to Play 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition slot machine

The game is played on a 4x4 board. Not all the cells may be filled at each rotation of the field: most of them usually remain empty. There are no regular paylines, all prizes can be obtained only in the jackpot round, or you can hit the jackpot in the regular game (but it is unlikely). In the center of the golden rectangle are 4 cells. If any symbols fall in them during the spinning, the Hold the Jackpot round will start.

16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The symbols in 16 Coins are as follows:

  • Cash symbols. The youngest symbol in the game: gold coins with a multiplier of x1 to x10.

  • Cash Infinity symbols. These are coins with numbers from x5 to x15. In addition to the increased multiplier, they differ from the Cash symbols  and "stickiness". If you fall sign Cash Infinity, it remains on the playing field until the next jackpot game, even if it takes a few dozen more spins before it starts.

  • Jackpot symbols. There are 4 of them, according to the number of jackpots. Visually different inscriptions.

  • Collector symbol. It is Multiplier, it gives additional multip liers to the winnings, from x1 to x20.

  • Mystery symbol. This is an analog of the Wild symbol: it can turn into any of the Cash symbols.

  • Jackpot Mystery symbol. This is an unusual Wild symbol, it can turn into the first 3 (in size) Jackpot symbols.

  • Coin
    Private symbol
  • Collect
    Coin collection
  • Jackpot
    Big score
  • Jackpot
    Of unknown dimensions

16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition Bonus games

There are only 2 Bonus features in the slot:

  • Guess the Color. This is a risk round, which is offered to start after each win. The player needs to guess what color suit closed card: black or red. For the correct answer you get additional x2 to the won amount, for the wrong answer you lose your winnings. In the risk round there are 7 levels, that is, if you guessed in the first attempt, you can try again, and get already x4. But keep in mind that the winnings in 16 Coins are infrequent, but large. That's why it's not always worth it to risk a 50/50 chance of winning a few tens more than the bet.

  • Chance Level. The standard chance to start the jackpot round is small, you can make several dozen spins before it happens. But the probability can be increased by using the Chance Level. You can increase the chance by x2, x5 or x10. Together with it by the same multiplier will increase your bet.

16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition free spins

Accustomed to the usual slots there isn't free spins in 16 Coins. But in the jackpot round the player gets 3 free spins. If at least 1 symbol falls on the field during the rotation, that is engaged in 1 more cell, respins again becomes 3.


There are 4 jackpots available in 16 Coins: Mini x10, Minor x20, Major x50 and Grand x2000. To get the maximum winnings you need to collect any types of symbols in the jackpot round. The main requirement: they must occupy all 16 cells. To trigger the jackpot there are 2 ways: in the regular game catch 4 symbols in 4 allocated cells in the center of the field, or buy activation.

16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

The slot has these parameters:

  • RTP is 96.16%, and this is slightly above average. However, the return to the player is not frequent and small, but rare and large. Therefore, for short-term sessions, Wazdan slots Coins series are not well suited.

  • The volatility can be chosen by the player himself, there is a button for switching. Therefore, it can be low, medium or high. You can also buy a jackpot round launch with 2 additional volatility levels: Extreme or Double Extreme.

  • The payout frequency is below average. Since it is possible to win only in the jackpot round, you will have to wait for its launch every time.

Strategy: How to Win at 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition slot

In 16 Coins you will have to rely on luck alone. No mathematical formula or strategy can increase the chances of winning.

Since the slot is based on a random number generator, each spin is unpredictable and is chosen from thousands or tens of thousands of combinations.

16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition Interface

To get started, do the following:

  1. At the bottom left, click the button with the ? sign and study the information there. More useful information about the slot is under the button with the i sign.

  2. Set the bet size. This is done under the playing field.

  3. Select the volatility. The button for selection is located next to the button to start the reels.

  4. Increase the speed of rotation of the reels if the minimum one is not to your liking.

  5. If you want to start the jackpot round immediately, click on the basket button on the bottom left.

Despite the abundance of buttons, the interface of 16 Coins is clear from the first seconds. The playing field is at the top, with all the controls underneath. On the left is the menu, information and rules, in the center is the bet selection, and on the right are the start button, volatility and speed selection.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile version of slots is now made by all developers. It is needed so that players can play on a phone or tablet as conveniently as on a computer.

In the mobile version everything will work smoothly, the slot will load quickly, even if you have a weak smartphone or poor connection.

Should You Play 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition Slot for Real Money in India?

Conclusion from Casinoz experts: 16 Coins (and in general the rest of the Wazdan Coins series) is an unusual but interesting slot. Including because of its non-standard mechanics, as well as the opportunity to win big in the jackpot round. But it is not well suited for players who prefer to play short sessions: it is possible that you will have to wait several dozen spins for the nearest win.

Frequently asked Questions

💎 How much can I win in 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition?

The bet increases x1000 times

💰 What is the maximum bet in 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition slot?

The limitation is imposed by the casino, usually a value between 100 and 10000 cU.

🎲 What is the RTP in 16 Coins: Grand Gold Edition by Wazdan?

96.18%, which is quite an acceptable value

  • Unique gameplay
  • The sequel to the award-winning version
  • High-quality graphics
  • Pretty good performance
  • It is difficult for a newcomer to understand the rules
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Main info
Type of game Video slots
Manufacturer Wazdan
Theme Gold, Luck, Action, Money
Min bet 0.10 USD
Max bet 1000 USD
RTP 96.18%
Max payout 10000 : 1
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version No
Issue date August 10, 2023
Progressive jackpot No
Reels number 4
Wilds No
Scatter No
Gamble Feature Yes
Volatility High
3D slot No
Respins Yes
Freespins No
Progressive multipliers No
Bonus games Bonus Game, Coin Collector, Feature Gamble, Jackpots, Risk game