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Stud poker is a simple and attractive version of this popular card game. Its various variations used to be available in almost all brick and mortar casinos on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and currently customers of online establishments are willing to play it. Fans of stud poker should pay attention to the game called Cyberstud Poker from Microgaming, which is very similar to the original, but has its own features.

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If you are interested in Cyberstud Poker developed by Microgaming, you can find it at almost all online casinos running on software of this company. Below there are the logos of such establishments with links to their websites.
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How to Play Cyberstud Poker (Microgaming)

Cyberstud Poker is a game based on the famous stud. It was developed by Microgaming that was one of the global leaders in manufacturing software for online casinos.
A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used to play this game. The player's opponent is a casino. The poker table is used for playing. It has five boxes, but you can play betting only on one of them.
The goal of the game is to collect a poker hand higher in rank than the dealer or defeat him with any cards if there is no combination.
In fact, Cyberstud is the same stud poker in which players receive five cards and decide whether it is necessary to compare their cards with the dealer's cards or not. The main difference from stud poker is that as soon the croupier deals himself only one card and places it face up. The other four cards he receives as soon as the player will make a decision concerning his hand.
If the player believes that he can beat the dealer with his cards, he should make an additional bet, which is two times highest that the ante. After that, the dealer draws four cards and compares the combinations. If the dealer has a combination (i.e. an ace-king and higher), but the player wins, the payout is made in the following way:
  • The ante is paid 1:1
  • The bet is paid according to the paytable depending on the rank of the hand.
  • If the dealer does not have a combination, only the ante is paid 1:1 regardless of his combination.

If the player folds, he loses automatically.
There are the following multipliers in Cyberstud Poker:

  • Royal flush - 1,000:1
  • Straight flush - 200:1
  • Four of a kind - 100:1
  • Full house - 15:1
  • Flush - 10:1
  • Straight - 6:1
  • Three of a kind - 4:1
  • Two pairs - 2:1
  • One pair - 2:1
  • Ace-king - 2:1
The gameplay of Cyberstud Poker has the following scenario. The user selects the chip value and makes the ante. The croupier deals five cards to the player and one to himself. The player evaluates the rank of his cards and has two options: to continue the game by making the bet (call) in the amount of two antes or fold and lose his ante.
After that, the dealer draws the other four cards in any case. If the player has not folded, their combinations are compared. If the user wins, he gets his payout according to the rules. If he does not win, he loses both bets.
It should be noted that in this game it is allowed to make the ante even if the player's balance does not have enough funds to call. So be careful with the bet size, cards can not be opened without confirmation as it happens in brick and mortar casinos.

Cyberstud Poker Bonus games

Bonus payouts for side bets are not provided in Cyberstud Poker.


There are no progressive jackpots in Cyberstud Poker.

Cyberstud Poker Interface

Cyberstud Poker is a quite simple game that's why its interface is not complicated. It is possible to adjust the coin value using Plus and Minus under the image of the chip. Users control the gameplay using the following buttons: Place Ante, Remove Ante, Fold and Call, Deal.
Options in Cyberstud Poker are almost absent. Everything that users can do is to turn off the sound. The graphics has been made at the high level, which is typical for Microgaming. The game speed is average and can not be changed. Statistics is not provided.

Should You Play Cyberstud Poker for Real Money in India?

Cyberstud Poker from Microgaming can be interesting to fans of poker against the house who think that the exchange of cards is superfluous. It is characterized by excellent graphics, user-friendly and simple interface, as well as good payouts. The disadvantages include the lack of game statistics, autoplay mode, settings and betting on several hands.
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