TXS Hold’em Professional Series
TXS Hold’em Professional Series Review

Most varieties of Texas Hold'em Poker for playing against the casino have trimmed rules (in comparison with the original). Often the customer sees two pocket cards and on their basis should make the final decision.

Against the background of these versions of the model TXS Hold'em Professional Series powered by Net Entertainment looks much more advanced and functional. Users can adjust or raise rates in it, say "check" and so on at each stage. This makes the game more close to the traditional Hold'em.

8.80 /10
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How to Play TXS Hold’em Professional Series

TXS Hold'em Professional Series - a

TXS Hold’em Professional Series Bonus games

TXS Hold'em Professional Series provides no bonus payouts.


Progressive jackpot is not available in this game.

TXS Hold’em Professional Series Interface

TXS Hold'em Professional Series runs on flash so you don't have to download the game. At the settings you can choose the speed and disable various sound parameters.


TXS Hold'em Professional Series - one of the best versions of Texas Hold'em Poker against the casino. A player may respond to the output of the flop, turn and river bets increase. Similar options are not present in most other varieties.
The graphics of the game is also at its best. Pocket Cards appear vertically as if you hold them in your hand thereby creating a feeling of a real game. Control panel is very comfortable here and has very pleasing colors.
Therefore, we recommend to try TXS Hold'em Professional Series for anyone interested in the poker sport but also for those who loves to play in the casino.

Play TXS Hold’em Professional Series in Indian Casino for Real Money

TXS Hold'em Professional Series is present in different casinos using Net Entertainment products. They all give the opportunity to play not only on real money but also on conventional bets. Some places even offer Texas Hold'em without registration in the training mode (as well as portal Casinoz).
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